Sad news today and I’m still in disbelief. Co founder of Miss Jessie’s natural hair care product and accesories passed away at the age 45.  She was always sweet and had such a warm spirit which is why this so hard to believe.

Miss Jackson is not playing no games! She is slapping a lawsuit on boxer champ Floud “Money” Mayweather. Check out her and her lawyer’s statement accuding Floyd Mayweather of domestic abuse and more!

Teyanna not only dropped a new record but she also dropped her former best friend Tae Beckford! Accusing her of messing with her boyfriend Brandon Jennings behind her back. Hear what she had to say!

The moment that you been waiting for.  L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling speaks out after his racial statement was released with his girlfriend.

It’s getting HOT IN HURRRR! Nelly responds to Floyd Mayweather’s comments about ex-girlfriend Miss Jackson having an abortion terminating their twins.  Check out what Nelly had to say!   [CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE] Althought we haven’t got confirmation that Nelly is in fact dating Miss Jackson, we DO KNOW that they are close.  Close […]

I wonder how Floyd Mayweather must be feeling now that Nelly is now dating his ex boo Miss Jackson?  Remember when Nelly posted a photo of Miss Jackson on his Instagram as his Woman Crush “WCW”? Well he confirmed it’s more by taking her out to a Bobcats Basketball game!