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  In one of the most disturbing and disgusting plays in basketball history memory, a Fitchburg State player is now viral after throwing a  displayed one of the most blatantly elbow to the face of an opponent during his team’s game against fellow Division III opponent Nichols College Tuesday night The player, who appears to be […]

House Republicans are preparing to call Hillary Clinton out on how she handled the terrorist attacks in Benghazi during her time as secretary of state. They are expected to release a report on Tuesday in hopes of stirring the pot before the presidential election in November. They claim Clinton was well aware of the chaos […]

Legendary UNC basketball coach Dean Smith passed away on February 7, but he wanted to have a nice final gesture in place for his former players. Coach…

Be there to send off the Ohio State Buckeyes as they head off to New Orleans!

From INDIANAPOLIS — The ball sailed from halfcourt with the buzzer sounding — bounced off the backboard, the rim, the floor. Most of the 70,000 fans on Butler’s side let out an “Ohhhhhh,” and the Duke players piled onto forward Kyle Singler at center court. What a game! And what a way to end […]

The biggest upset in a tournament full of them took place yesterday when  Northern Iowa took down mighty Kansas.