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This is crazy if this story is valid and scary , very scary. It’s bad enough we have to worry about keeping our young men turning to a life of crime and gangs but now it’s becoming quite evident that we also have to watch and pray over our young ladies as well. One of […]


  This afternoon right nearby the White House a man lit himself on fire!! The debacle was caught on video and the man appears to be calmly strolling through a park before cops extinguished the flames! A little after noon today, witnesses saw the man erupt into a bright orange fireball at the Ellipse, a […]

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Sometimes as an artist you learn that not all performances go as planned and sometimes they go all the way left. The best thing to do is not to handle the situation like Love and Hip Hop Star Safaree did, after getting boo’d by the crowd Safaree stops the track and then…..well check out the […]

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  Speculations on Prince’s death has took over the internet and even with law enforcement.  Police now has a warrant for Prince’s Paisley Park Estate. Polive will now have access to search Prince’s home.  The police will keep the contents of the warrant confidential according to documents to avoid “premature disclosure of the details provided in […]


  Good news to pass along right here in Columbus! The Glenwood Recreation Center has reopened. The new, seven-point-two million dollar building was dedicated on Saturday. Reportedly, the center includes a brand new gymnasium along with an auditorium which allows more programs to be offered. The timing couldn’t be better, the kids will get out […]

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Beyonce shows us what she’s working with, literally!  She debuts her new active line “Ivy Park” that will be available at Top Shop! Watch her in the new promo video here:  

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South Carolina’s News Channel 6 in North Augusta reported recently on the case of Debra Harrell, a working mother jailed for leaving her 9-year-old daughter at the park…

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Tyler the Creator is known to keep it real, especially in interviews.  Well looks like he kept it a little too real saying that Iggy Azalea is fake. Check out what he said.

Celebrity Gossip

August Alsina is the definition of an R&B Thug!  He literally goes off on host on 106 and Park when asked about Trey Songz.  Check out his reaction.

Celebrity Gossip

  So adorable!  Its great to see power couples with their children spending quality time together within their busy schedules. Check out family candids of the Carters at a park in Dublin.

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The holidays have been very kind to Rihanna as she settles into her newly purchased $12 million dollar mansion in Pacific Palisades. She was also gifted a Porsche 911 Turbo by Roc Nation for all her hard work this year, which must look pretty in the driveway of her new beachside house in L.A. After saying that […]

It seems like everyday someone with a lot of money is making an attempt to bring fantasy to life. Billionaire Clive Palmer is the next on that list. Reports suggest the Palmer is looking for a way “to clone a dinosaur from DNA” as part of Jurassic Park style area in his new resort. Palmer […]