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  Tensions have flared in Downtown Columbus over the last few days in response to the murder of George Floyd. Locals have come together to express their frustrations surrounding police brutality. While some protests remain peaceful, others unfortunately escalate out of control. This has caused the Columbus Police Department to announce a state of emergency […]

A North Carolina school board lifted its ban on students carrying Mace and pepper spray on campus. This comes in response to the DOJ's civil rights lawsuit against the state's bathroom law.

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A police officer who was caught on camera hosing down a group of student protesters with pepper spray for no apparent reason has filed for worker’s compensation, asking taxpayers to pay him for a “psychiatric injury” he claims to have sustained in the incident’s wake. Officer John Pike was fired about eight months after his […]

When a man posing as a UPS driver attacked a woman and her infant son the family’s pit bull came to the rescue chasing the man away. Friday afternoon a man holding a package came to Ryan Bounds’ front door in Bethany, Oklahoma. Bounds’ fiancée, holding their one-year-old son Cole, answered the door. When she […]