Chief executives of some of the nation’s biggest companies have teamed up to take a united stance on a major issue in the country, gun control. The CEO’s of Uber, Twitter, Gap, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Reddit, and 140 other major companies signed a letter to the US Senate Thursday, calling for drastic and urgent action […]


This is really crazy a woman comes late and misses her appointment to file a protection order and goes crazy, it looks like in the video she going off because she’s scared and really needs this to be filed ASAP! At one point she yells so loud that the judge said he couldn’t hear the […]


As 2017 arrives, this sadly means that Barack Obama will soon be departing from the White House. Given that his presidency was marked by the wall of opposition put up against him by Republicans in government, Obama has accomplished a lot- especially in the last few months. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Jeff Johnson explains […]