So once again Netflix is putting a stop to people sharing their passwords so others can stream, so if you don’t know consumers of Netflix have been sharing passwords since Netflix’s conception. Things took a wild turn after Netflix started to make Netflix Originals which are movies that only can be seen on Netflix and […]

The 614

Now growing up there were a lot of teachers I didn’t like, If I ever got the chance to throw a snow ball at my 4th grade teacher Miss Toon, I would knock that wig off lol she was just mean for nnnnnoooooo reason lol that being said. I would never and I mean NEVER […]


This is really crazy a woman comes late and misses her appointment to file a protection order and goes crazy, it looks like in the video she going off because she’s scared and really needs this to be filed ASAP! At one point she yells so loud that the judge said he couldn’t hear the […]