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Not only is she beautiful but she’s a wonderful after meeting a fan and posting for a pic she found out that same fan was killed after leaving the club. His cousin posted the pic thanking Megan for taking the pic and how he was glad his cousin had a chance to meet her because […]

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Everybody loves Kevin Hart…….At least that’s what we thought but after hitting up Drake on Twitter saying “See you in Philly for game 3” it caused many Sixers fans to take to Twitter themselves and do they’re best to urge the comedian to stay away from his court side seats. And they have a great […]

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Kayne is always up to something and is always looking to expand his worldwide brand well now he can add Creative Director to his already famous brand. As he will be a prominent fixture on ‘KUWTK’ hes even going to get in to the confessional booth lol now that should be much watch TV. Full […]


These scams are getting out of hand and with everything going digital it’s making it easier for hackers to get all of your info and it looks like they’re not stopping anytime soon….