It’s been a wild ride on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, so you know the final curtain call for the group couldn’t happen without…


The gloves were off on part 1 of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 reunion tonight and more than a few of the cast…

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VH1’s “Basketball Wives” reunion show promises to be filled with drama…The show picks up where the season finale ended, with Tami Roman & Evelyn Lozada coming to blows. Evelyn spins a different story on the reunion about not knowing that Kenny Anderson was married. She claims she knew he was engaged but didn’t know who […]

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Was it just me, or was the RHA Reunion show BORING! How can this season be packed with name callin’, hair pullin’, and cat fightin, then weeks later  the ladies want to act civilazied when they’re asked about their behavior. Nothing about these ladies is lo-key! Not their fashion, the cars they drive, their jewerly, nothing!!   They all had fake […]