This has been one of the biggest mysteries in hip hop how in the hell does Pharrell never age many believe that he’s a vampire some believe that he drinks baby pee or takes baths in goat milk lol but now we know after going on Lebron’s James show “The Shop” he lets everyone know […]

The 614

Just when we thought it was all said and done, the save the crew group just hit it out the park by revealing a plan for a new stadium close to downtown. One of the major concerns of the current ownership was location, the owner wanted to be closer to downtown which seemed impossible until […]

Jeezy is back and prepping for the release of his next album and he reveals to the title. Watch to find out the name inside “Dime Time TV”.

Contrary to the support President Barack Obama has received from artists such as Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Common, not every emcee voted Democrat in 2012. In an interview with Huff Post Live, Big Boi recalled an instant when someone assumed that he voted for Obama. “Well, I was, you know, leaving to go out of town, and it was […]

Eve has a whole lot of things to be proud of in her career, but her infamous sex tape with Stevie J isn’t one of them. Stevie J claims that the X-rated clip, which hit the Web back in the early 2000s, made his ex-girl hot. But E-V-E disagrees. “It definitely didn’t,” Eve responded on Wednesday when she […]

A little imagination goes a long way, just ask Big Sean. As the Detroit MC is gearing up for the December 18 release of his Hall of FameLP, Sean is rolling out a new video blog series, with each episode he focusing on different topics. The first: Imagination. “Imagination. How many people you know — I mean […]