Finally, Ronda Rousey is SMILING AGAIN!!! For the first time since the beatdown in Australia, the UFC superstar was out in public looking like her old self — happy and care free … walking her dog at a park in L.A. But did you notice the guy she was talking to? That’s Nick […]

The rumors are true … Ronda Rousey is in a relationship with UFC fighter Travis Browne — the same guy who was accused of beating up his wife — and then CLEARED after a UFC investigation. Browne just went on “The MMA Hour Live” and said he started talking with Ronda over the summer and […]

Justin Bieber snubbed the WRONG WOMAN … refusing to take a picture with Ronda Rousey‘s little sister — so says Ronda who claims Bieber was super rude about the rejection. Ronda says it all went down at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 — where Ronda and her 16-year-old sister say they saw Bieber at […]

O..H!  I…O! Go Bucks! Now 1-0 as they took the win against Virginia Tech last night.  UFC Champ Ronda Rousey spoke on what the team needed to do to win and it included Cardale Jones!