Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is undoubtedly a walking triple-double regardless of what arena he walks in any given night. But Tuesday night was just a little different. Westbrook, a native of Long Beach, California, entered the Chesapeake Arena wearing in a blue Crenshaw shirt in honor of the late Nipsey Hussle however his performance on the court […]

While playing in Utah last night NBA star Russell Westbrook go into an altercation with a fan during the game, Westbrook stated in an interview after the game that he fan had been trolling him all night and that whenever he’s in Utah the fans seems to cross the line. One camera caught part of […]

SWISH! I’M BALLIN! (cues I’m so awesome) That’s all I can say when it comes to Russell Westbrook. Breaking all types of records including his own. Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t! This definitely applies to Westbrook when the Thunder defeated the Nuggets 106-105. Not only did Westbrook hit the winning shot at the buzzer, lets […]

Kevin Durant and his newly-formed super team, the Golden State Warriors, are going up against the Oklahoma City Thunder this Thursday. It’s sure to be an awkward first meeting between Durant and his former team, especially for his right-hand man Russell Westbrook. Durant and Westbrook have remained pretty quiet since the duo split up. In a new […]

This is great news for any Thunder fan who feared the newfound organization would simply implode after losing Kevin Durant.

According to new reports, the remaining OKC Thunder player was pretty pissed that KD left him hanging.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder player was present for the press conference where he announced he was taking his talents to the Golden State Warriors, but in such a controlled environment all of the tough questions were easily avoided.

On Saturday at the NBA star's training camp, a video was released of Westbrook playing a 7th grader named Kyle in a game of one-on-one, and surprisingly the kid won.

The Golden State Warriors pushed their historic record to 53-5 on Saturday night with a victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it was certainly…