San Diego

Police have charged a man with murder in connection to the death of a man in November 2018. Police said 29-year-old Jeffrey J. Johnson was stabbed and killed on Nov. 9 in the 4400 block of Westerville Road. Police received multiple calls that night at approximately 8:51 p.m. Johnson was taken to Mount Carmel St. […]

Cali-born Rob $tone was in Atlanta promoting his popular song, “Chill Bill,” (also known as that song with whistling in the beginning), when he came through to the morning show studio to say what’s up to Headkrack! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out the exclusive video above to hear more about his song and […]

An Amtrak train heading to Washington, D.C, crashed, killing two passengers and injuring several others, plus more

Heard this story the other day and couldn’t believe it…where are her friends? Thank the lord she didn’t kill someone or herself. The only just…