Lizzo has been sitting pretty these days with the success of her creative and catchy album and singles. Last month, her hit single, “Truth Hurts,” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reigned supreme for weeks! But amid the overwhelming success of ‘Truth Hurts,’ it seem like a few other artists are trying to get […]

The 614

Ricky Lee Harris Germany a former mail carrier just plead guilty to taking 500 grams of meth and 100 pounds of marijuana in 6 months in 2018. Germany worked for the United States Postal Service’s Oakland Park Station in Columbus for the last 5 years. When authorities went to Germany’s house the found packages and […]

Dennis must be off his meds or on some ooohh weeee lol because this dude is in a world of trouble if anyone with eyes looks at this video lol It amazes me how some entertainers believe that they can get away with murder. In the video it looks like Rodman tries to use his […]

The 614

With everything going on in the world today you would think that people would be smarter and a little more cautious when it comes to crime. But no, for some reason part time criminals keep thinking they can out smart full time police. It’s not going to happen, and that’s what postal carrier Ricky Germany […]

A man decided, after getting locked out of his car, that he would steal a city bus instead! Listen to the audio player to hear…

When you are hungry, what do you do? You make your to the store to get you something to eat. But you just can’t wait to you get to the cash register. You eat the food right there on the spot.  Is that considered stealing?

Atlanta rapper Ludacris has always been known for his animated rhymes and punchlines. According to one rapper, those rhymes and punchlines aren’t Ludacris’. The rapper/actor…

Dude Gets Caught Stealing A Bait Car & Gives A Dumb Azz Excuse!

Looks like the Knowles conglomerate jerked another producer for his producing credits and gave them to his daughter Beyonce. Rob Fusari who produced Destiny’s Child’s hit “Bootylicious” claims it was his idea to use the Stevie Nicks sample in it. In a recent interview with, Rob who is now one of Lady Gaga’s producers […]