We all know rapper Jim Jones dabbles in the fashion industry but what fashion statement is he trying to make in this picture. And by the looks of the guys around him we’re not alone. We need your help. GO IN POWER FAM! Caption this pic, we’ll put the most interesting comments on our facebook […]

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OSU Men’s basketball team are heading to the Sweet 16 after defeating Gonzaga 73-66 this weekend. The No. 7 seed Zags dropped out of their man-to-man defense into a zone that OSU assistant Chris Jent calculated Gonzaga used just six percent of the time this season. “It was effective in changing the pace of the […]

Pusha T only has one neck. But in the clip for his new freestyle video, the G.O.O.D. Music rhymer’s rocking several chains while he spits over the beat that started hip-hop’s most sizzling beef now: Common’s “Sweet.” “Let’s be honest/ The card’s on the table/ Jealousy’s a sin/ Cain killed Abel,” he raps. Check out […]

Common took some shots on "Sweet" that seemed to be subliminal shots at Drake, but they actually weren't subliminal at all.