Huh? Sometimes people believe in fighting for relationships and marriages where other get to a point where saying enough is enough. Everyone isn’t built the same, but Tammy Rivera aka Waka Flocka’s girlfriend/wife? calls women “weak” for leaving men in such situations. Tammy Tells Bleu Bombshell: “…So, my mom always told me– you can find […]

Lil Wayne‘s memoir, “Gone Til November,” is full of a lot of secrets and details that the public isn’t privy to when it comes to the lives of our favorite performers and their interactions with each other. News that Drake slept with Wayne’s girlfriend while he was jail quickly made its way around the world […]

According to Instagram, Tammy Rivera made a post insinuating that she has broke up with Waka Flocka.  Here’s what she said. TAMMY RIVERS’S POST

MediaTakeOut.com spoke with an insider who told them that Wacka got the half-Asian half-white daughter of a founder to a POPULAR INTERNET COMPANY pregnant. They cannot divulge the girls information because its not clear if she’s keeping the child. Here’s what the insider told them, “I go to school with Waka and [high tech founder]’s daughter and Waka was […]