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Many victims are marked by tattoos by their captors. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced Thursday about a new grant that will help human trafficking victims cover up their tattoos and markings. The grant will be offered to nonprofits that deal with human trafficking. The grants will be funded by court fees, fees and settlements […]

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Baker's mother Maurnice Baker told NewsOne that her son's belongings were still at the home, including his cash and identification. "He calls me at least ten times a day everyday. That's not like him at all," said Baker, a worker with St. Louis public schools.

Miley Cyrus is a self-proclaimed 'dirty hippie' and has never been shy about her free-spirited ways.

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Ray J had to call 911!  No worries, he’s ok but its the 911 call from on again off again girlfriend Princess possibly causing harm to herself in result of their break up. The call leaked and is out!

Met the cast of VH1’s popular series that follows the lives of several tattoo artists and their drama-filled personal life.


10 Worst Rap Fan Tattoos 1 Drake When this photo hit the Web, the press and just about everyone else had a field day doing…


Just about every player in the NBA has a tattoo or ten. Here are the ones that’ll likely be lasered off one day. SOURCE RELATED:: Drake Puts Toronto Condo on the Market for $4.2M  RELATED:: LeBron James RAPPER????????


Tattoos these days are not just a thing of show off as in the past. People get inked because they mean something. Johnny Depp once said that “my tattoos are not just inks; they are a mark of time I have passed through”. Let’s look at some Hollywood babes and their inks. Top 10 Female Hollywood Celebrities with […]


Too bad tattoo artists don’t come with spell check!!! HILARIOUS. (source:  happyplace) SOURCE RELATED::28 Exasperating Afro Problems RELATED::Pharrell, French Montana and Waka Say Miley Cyrus Is About That Life

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Chris Baker is a youth pastor who runs a tattoo parlor. In his free time, he helps ex-gang members and sex trafficking victims erase painful reminders of their pasts. SOURCE RELATED::24 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Drunk Tonight RELATED::City Idol: Week 1 Winners For ex-gang members and human trafficking victims, having prominent tattoos can make […]