Te Amo

We called it when we first heard the lyrics! We just knew that, for her next video, Rihanna would push the envelope. After all, she was singing about being attracted to another woman. Te amo, te amo,” she says to me / I hear the pain in her voice / Then we danced underneath the […]

Rihanna is rumored to shoot a music video for “Te Amo” next week in Paris, France. Several radio stations from European countries are starting to play the song. Just like “Hard” was released only in the US, the same might happen to “Rockstar 101,″ while “Te Amo” will be released in the rest of the […]

Rihanna will be the guest performer on next week’s American Idol results show.  According to Entertainment Weekly,Rihanna, who will sing ‘Te Amo’ (from ‘Rated R’) before another finalist is sent home packing.