Vester Lee Flanagan

The man suspected of killing two Virginia journalists during a live television broadcast once filed a lawsuit against a former employer

Vester Lee Flanagan allegedly sought out the personnel records of the two people he killed when he was trying to sue the network.

This just in, a Virginia news crew were on location filming when they were ambushed and killed. The shooter is currently on the run. But authorities know exactly who he is. Shortly after committing this horrific crime he was seen fleeing away in a 2009 gray Ford Mustang. The alleged murderer’s face was seen on television […]

In another shocking twist, Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams, the gunman who fatally shot the news reporter and camera man live on air, recorded his own video of the incident.  A video has surfaced on the Instagram account of Bryce Williams that shows him walking up to the news reporter and raising his gun […]