The Trump administration is proposing a new rule that would limit Americans’ access to food stamps, reportedly removing more than 3 million people from the federal program. The plan would eliminate automatic enrollment in food stamps for poor families who receive welfare benefits. Currently, 43 states allow families who qualify for the federal Temporary Assistance to […]


Wisconsin lawmakers want to screen public aid recipients for use of illegal drugs and block their purchase of junk food under measures passed Wednesday by…


In a sweeping welfare reform measure designed to teach recipients to spend responsibly, Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback on Thursday signed a law that bans…


LANSING — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Friday that creates a drug-testing program for adult welfare recipients who are suspected of using drugs. The…

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WATER COOLER TALK: Colorado lawmakers are blazing hot, pun intended, because the new pot shops have ATMs in them where welfare recipients can withdraw cash and spend on items in the shops! Lawmakers are proposing to add legal pot shops and strip clubs to the list of places where EBT cards cannot be used to […]

Evidence Octomom scammed tax payers is growing faster than Lauren Silverman’s belly … after authorities turned up more proof of possible welfare fraud … thanks to pay stubs from her freaky job. TMZ broke the story … the L.A. County of Welfare and Fraud Dept opened an investigation against Octo — seizing her financial records […]