Ben Roethlisberger has had his ups and downs as a player in the NFL. This past-off season, he was in a serious sex scandal that almost cost him a 6-game suspension — which ended up being 4 games. This wasn’t the first of Big Ben’s off-the-field troubles, but it seemed like his team and coaches were prepared to be by his side no matter what the future held for the Two time Superbowl champ.

After Sunday night’s game, (12/5/10) I wonder if people realize what type of ‘Warrior’ Big Ben really is? Last night, the Steelers were hosted by the Baltimore Ravens, and some say that this game is the biggest rivalry in the entire NFL — I would agree. The toughness and hatred on the field makes every game one to watch — no matter if you like either team or not — it’s what the NFL is all about: the GRIT, the GRIND.

Big Ben showed that his off-field problems are no match for his on-the-field fierceness and his hunger for winning. It’s almost like he is a balanced person this year: Loses off the field, but Wins Big time on the field. I’m not a fan of Big Ben as a person, but as a competitor I must tip my hat to the guy. Sunday night, I would have had to tip a few hats….What a performance.


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