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A Thousand Words —


When you hear the term “local rapper” used in a sentence, you can’t help but conjure up stereotypes in your mind. Unfortunately, independent rappers have made the term “local rapper” a derogatory one, describing a skill-lacking artist with no story to tell and even less talent in which to narrate it.  This is the polar opposite of Fabrashay’s The Art Show. The title is such an accurate depiction of the visuals created on each track. Just like your favorite pieces at a local gallery, the vibe of The Art Show sparks conversation, invokes feelings, and is sure to be interpreted in multiple views.

The Art Show opens up with a message from the late great Tupac Shakur, explaining how his music is just an extension of situations, events, and actions that have affected him and his community.  This intro is a perfect reflection of the content illustrated in The Art Show. Tracks like “Don’t Ever Let Your Dream Die” and “Impossible” exemplify talent and the struggle of success in the process. Other visuals like “No More Sucka Sh*t” and “Broken Chains” set Fabrashay apart from the common up-and-coming artist. Quite frankly, the tracks are so vivid and powerful that words can’t describe the intensity. The Art Show is an experience, much more than music, and definitely needs to be appreciated on an individual basis.

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