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I’m a fan of the Bravo Housewives franchise and love most of the ladies featured on the shows but I’ve often wondered just how much money do these ladies have?  I know they are all paid for their appearances on the shows but many times I watch and think that some of these ladies are frontin on how much money they really have.

So here’s proof that some of these ladies are loaded and some just aren’t that rich courtesy of CelebrityNetWorth.com, all of the Housewives net-worth are listed.

“According to the site: Kandi’s worth $35 Million (WOW), Phaedra’s worth $12M (wow), NeNe’s worth $3.5M, and Kim’s worth $1.5M (double WOW).

And Sheree and Cynthia are the two BROKEST chicks – each worth only $50K. OK, how can you be on a show about RICH FOLK if you’re only worth $50 stacks?? “(mediatakeout.com)