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Ben Roethlisberger is being accused of sexual assault by a second woman now, this one in Georgia, where the Steelers quarterback was from Thursday to Saturday. The alleged assault took place on Friday night, reportedly in a club bathroom. Classy. TMZ reports that Big Ben was surrounded by women all night long. Andrea McNulty accused Roethlisberger last year and said he assaulted her in July of 2008 at a Lake Tahoe resort, but she didn’t have any evidence and didn’t file a report with the police when it happened. This new woman – a 20-year-old college student – reportedly went right to the hospital and filed a report. No charges have been filed yet, but an investigation is underway. This new case lends a bit more credibility to McNulty’s claims, and her lawyer has said he’s “aggressively looking into this new case.” Anyway, Roethlisberger has left Georgia after speaking with Milledgeville police. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations plans to interview him within the next few days as well. However, Ben’s agent, Ryan Tollner, released a statement saying that the allegations “appeared to be dismissed after a preliminary investigation.” Tollner added that after the first accusation, he and Ben are skeptical of this new woman’s motive.