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Kanye West surprised everyone Thursday night when he joined Katy Perry on the American Idol stage. The two performed the remix to Katy’s single, “ET”. The set and costume design were crazy, as Katy attempted to re-enact the “space-age” look she embodied in the video of the song. Katy wore a body suit and completed the look with lights and a cape, making her look very “alien-ish”.

Kanye opened the set with his verse being played the jumbo screen, giving the audience the illusion that he was not in the building. However, Yeezy surprised everyone when he joined Katy on stage in a black leather coat and white t-shirt.

If you guys remember, Katy wasn’t the biggest fan of Kanye a few years ago following his 2009 VMA stunt regarding Taylor Swift. She wasn’t afraid to express her dislike for the rapper publicly, tweeting: “F*** U KANYE. IT’S LIKE U STEPPED ON A KITTEN.”

Glad to see all is well between the two because they definitely seem to have great on-stage chemistry and produce hits in the studio!

Check out the full performance below.

Read the full story here, courtesy of MTV.com.

What did you think of the performance?

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