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According to a new survey sponsored by Timex, the average woman tells 474 lies EVERY YEAR!  That’s an average of 1.3 lies per day, and about nine per week. What are we fibbing about? FOOD!!  CHOCOLATE is the food most women are most likely to lie about, followed by potato chips, cake, candy, cheese, bread, and burgers.

–The survey also compiled a list of the top 15 lies that women tell about food.  Here they are, from the most common lie to least common . . .

 #1.)  “It was only a small portion.”

#2.)  “I had a big lunch because I won’t eat much after this.”

#3.)  “I only treat myself once in a while.”

#4.)  “I didn’t touch any of the cookies.”

#5.)  “I only had one glass of wine.”

#6.)  “I won’t eat again today after this.”( Yep, I told this lie yesterday!! lol)

#7.)  “I was too busy to have lunch.”

#8.)  “I figured I had to eat them now or they’d go bad.”

#9.)  “I had a healthy salad.”

#10.)  “I never eat fast food.”

#11.)  “I only added a little sugar.”

#12.)  “I’m testing the dinner.”

#13.)  “I only had a drink because we were toasting a special occasion.”

#14.)  “I only drink diet soda.”

#15.)  “I just finished off the kids’ leftovers.”

Did You Lie Today?