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Ohio State Rep. W. Carlton Weddington was indicted on three charges, including bribery, prosecutors announced on Tuesday.

According to Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien, the charges involve an undercover FBI operation that included Weddington accepting trips to California and Florida, allegedly in exchange for services.

Weddington, a two-term Democrat from Columbus, has been charged with one count of bribery, one count of election falsification and one count of filing a false ethics disclosure statement.

According to officials, Rep. Weddington received cash and all expenses paid trips to Napa Valley,California and South Beach, Florida in 2011. Weddington also allegedly received cash and check campaign donations “in order to corrupt or influence him in the performance of his official duties,” the prosecutor’s office said.

Weddington was also alleged to have filed false statements about contributions and expenditures in the “Committee to Elect Weddington” 2011 annual campaign finance report.

According to the Franklin County prosecutor’s office, FBI investigators approached Weddington after he allegedly filed a false financial disclosure report in February. Investigators said that Weddington agreed to cooperate with the investigation after discussing the matter with his legal counsel.

Weddington could face a maximum penalty of four and a half years in prison. Investigators said that Weddington could face more charges as the investigation progresses.