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In one of Kanye’s patented Twitter rants, he divulged that he was going to create a design firm named after his late mother, Donda. With this company, Kanye’s hoping to give the people what they need and want simultaneously. DONDA will be comprised of 22 divisions with an aim to focus on creating experiences and products affordable to everyone. Straight from one of his tweets, “DONDA is a design company which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce their dreams and ideas…”

Kanye plans on gathering everyone from teachers to graphic designers to nutritionists to social media experts to bankers to–well just any and every profession you can think of. His biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and Alexander McQueen, so expect something flashy, beautiful and downright innovative. Here are five reasons why we should give our two weeks notice and get in line to be one of Kanye’s employees.

Passion of the West: Kanye managed to tweet 86 times within a three-hour timespan about developing DONDA. If that doesn’t scream passion, I don’t know what does. The head of company should exhibit an almost manic passion. That’s how you know they love what they do and will do anything for the people that work with them.

Divided We Stand: Kanye’s company will have 22 different divisions. Twenty-freakin’ two! Which means there’s room for all the variety of positions he’s trying to fill.

Creation Station: Have you ever gotten a chance to work with all creative types? Kanye plans on putting all creatives in a room together. That’s gotta be one big room. All jokes aside, having that type of inspiration around you at all times only promotes top-notch ideas and brainstorming sessions.

We Like to Party: Ok, seriously, could you imagine the office parties when you’re working for Kanye? Enough said!

Lesson Learned: It’s not just about Kanye’s creative company, DONDA. He’s an advocate of education as well. He wants to team up with director/producer/actor Spike Jonze to create a summer school program that teaches new curriculum. So for all of you that means, even more jobs!

If you haven’t gathered your cover letter and resume by now, get to it. Yeezy’s even provided us with an email address that we can reach out to him about our possible new position:

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