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We are on point for record heat for the next few days and our Mayor Michael Coleman is calling for ‘Operation Cool Down’  in Columbus.  What does that mean?  It means that the city is trying to help people stay cool in these hot temperatures.

On June 28th & 29th the folowing city fire hydrants will be open to help citizens ‘cool’ off:

  • Beatty Recreation Center in front of 180 M. North Ohio
  • Driving Park, at 1100 Rhodes Ave.
  • Linden Park in front of 1254 Briarwood
  • Westgate Park at Wicklow Road and Southampton Avenue

In addition Faith Mission, located at 315 E. Long St. has opened it’s doors for people get in from the outside heat.

“We typically don’t open (the shelter) to people who don’t stay with us,”  “However, for right now, we are opening it up so that anybody who needs refuge from the heat can get in.” — Faith Mission Executive Director Sue Villolo

Faith Mission is saying that they will remain open as long as the weather reaches the mid to upper 90 degree temperatures.


If you are trying to help out people that don’t have air conditions please drop off a boxed fan to any Franklin County Fire Department.  All fans will be distributed to needy families without air conditioning.