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The BET Awards were better this year than they have been in a while. It looked as though BET actually had a budget to spend on production. The show was great minus a few moments that had us scratching our heads. We need not mention Jay’s obvious forearm pat he laid on Kim Kardashian when she went to embrace him for his win of Video of the Year. In all seriousness, we could’ve done a post on all the side eye Jay-Z was dishing out last night. He wasn’t the only one acting up at the awards ceremony. Check out our list of the six moments that made us go, “WTF?!?!?!?!”

6. Nicki Minaj Saying “Get Your Dick Up!”

It came as no surprise Nicki Minaj won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. However, when she accepted the award, she ended her speech with “Get your dick up, n***a!” What exactly does that mean, Nicki? I’ve heard of one getting their weight up, but getting their dick up? Are you wanting all the men in the room to get an erection while you speak or is that Young Money language that isn’t able to be processed by an ear who doesn’t ingest sizzurp on the regular? Nicki won fans with an actually decent performance and then lost them again with her split personality acceptance speech.

5. Wale Pulls A Lil Mama Move

When Wale was announced as the winner for Best Collaboration for “Lotus Flower Bomb”, he was overcome with excitement. He ran across the front row giving everyone high fives. Everything was good until Wale approached The Throne. When Wale ran over to Jay-Z, Jay wasn’t trying to even acknowledge Wale’s pauper presence. Wale almost knocked over Jay’s drink and politely reprimanded the Maybach Music soldier. Wale finished his sprint to the stage with his tail between his legs and apologized to Jay-Z when he touched the stage saying, “I’m sorry Hov! You been with me since I was a pup. I ain’t want much, man. It’s my moment.” While Jay appreciated Wale’s enthusiasm, he probably would’ve preferred Wale’s enthusiasm made it’s way to the stage and not attack his champagne flute.

4. The Censor Button Intern

Whoever was manning the censor button is getting fired! Dude let hella curse words slip past him and they had a seven second delay. Mike Epps got in an “Oh s**t.” Nicki Minaj let a “motherf***er” fly and that wasn’t caught. Then during the performances, whoever was responsible for the censoring got censor button happy. They would miss a rapper saying “n***a” and decide to bleep the next verse and hook. If we are to believe the characterization of Debra Lee in The Boondocks episode is accurate, somebody’s head is going to be her dinner tonight!

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3. Mindless Behavior’s Lauryn Hill Tax Joke

The next generation of black boy band Mindless Behavior learned a hard lesson last night. Don’t sass a black music treasure. The band and Mike Epps were trading snaps while presenting an award. Things were going smoothly until Mike Epps clowned the group and they replied with a diss making reference to Lauryn Hill‘s recent tax evasion case. Besides this just being foul as hell, Mindless Behavior is comprised of boys in their early teen years. They weren’t even born for them to know anything about Lauryn Hill to make that sort statement. They better cool it before they prompt Lauryn Hill to release the fearless vampire hunters on they asses. You heard the song. Well, probably not.

2. Samuel L. Jackson’s Opening Performance

Nick Fury hosting the BET Awards was enough to make people tune in, but watching the man who updated Shaft rapping his own version to “N***as In Paris” was enough to make those same people smash their televisions in protest. First, Sam Jackson starts rapping in the most terrible of fashions. Then, Spike Lee joins him and the two had fun forgetting lyrics, shouting inaudible words, and looking like the coons they rail against in the media. The problem with Samuel L. Jackson as host and this opening performance is that his whole schtick is to be the loud black man with the colorful language. You can’t speak the way we’ve come to expect on cable television. The FCC ain’t having that. Sam and Spike better ask somebody.

1. Souljah Boy Crying

Upon hearing about the tribute to Whitney Houston, everyone knew there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house. During the moving tribute to the pop legend, a cameraman panned over to show a few celebrities shedding tears over the fallen icon. Beyonce, in all her reverence, silently cried  and everybody could understand why Beyonce was so emotional. When the camera hit Souljah Boy to show him damn near in hysterics. With his hands covering his face, you could see a river of tears flowing from his eyes. However, everyone thought the same thing, “What the hell is Souljah Boy crying like that for?!” Besides looking crazy for crying like he just witnessed his dog being hit by a car, he played himself with those dirty ass nails. With all that stunting Souljah Boy acts like he’s doing, why couldn’t he have gotten a manicure. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

Anything we miss?


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