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Caught on Tape: Whale Almost Kills Sea World Trainer, Holds Him Under Water

The video from a 2006 killer whale attack at SeaWorld in San Diego has been released, and it shows the trainer being dragged under water during a performance.

About a minute after trainer Ken Peters dives into the tank at SeaWorld San Diego, the 5,000 pound killer whale named “Kasatka” takes him down. She clamps onto to his foot and drags him underwater.

Nearly a minute later, Peters surfaces, gasping for breath. H e tries to calm the whale by patting her, but she doesn’t let go of his foot. Then the whale takes him under a second time. A camera angle from above shows the whale tossing and turning the trainer.

After about nine minutes in the water, Peters swims out of the whale’s reach, past a barrier and crawls onto a platform. He trips on his broken foot as he races to safety.

U-T San Diego reports the 15-minute video was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by author David Kirby, who recently released his book “Death at Sea World.”

The video shows trainer Ken Peters being pulled underwater when a whale, Kasatka, grabbed his foot and wouldn’t let go.

Peters suffered puncture wounds and other injuries, but ultimately broke free and still works at the park.

The video was first presented last fall by federal regulators in defense of safety violations they issued against the park following a 2010 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando’s SeaWorld.

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