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So Donald Trump just made his “big” announcement in regards to President Obama….smh

As we know Donald Trump was on our president about his birth certificate.  Well the president released that, end of story right?  Not quite!

Now Trump is asking Obama to release his college records & passport application.  Why?  Because he says we don’t know enough about our president and he’s not as transparent as past presidents…smh!  Anyway, if President Obama does this, Trump will write a 5 million donation to a charity of the presidents choice.  All of the documents have to be submitted by October 31st.

I personally think Trump is crazy and needs to get a life.  I don’t care to see our president college records nor his passport.  If he got a D in math that will not make me think any differently of him.

Check out his video proposal to the president

On the flipside I think Trump wants attention and a HUGE tax write off for this 5 million dollar donation.  How about you just do America some good and donate the money Mr. Trump and let our President run the country?

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