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*Surprise, surprise!

We knew Chris Brown would be in court today, but we didn’t know he’d be accompanied by Rihanna.

Breezy and RiRi arrived to the L.A. Courthouse together Wednesday afternoon so Mr. Brown could face allegations from the DA that he lied about completing his community service.

Rihanna sat quietly in the gallery with Chris’ mother as the singer/dancer and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, told the judge he (Chris) is a good boy and did nothing wrong.

As we reported, prosecutors allege that Chris participated in a scheme to fool the court by getting Virginia officials to say he completed service at a day care center that he never actually performed.

However, in court today, the judge instructed Brown and Geragos to meet up with Chris’ probation officer within 48 hours to have a chat about the situation. In the meantime, the judge said he needed more time to review all of the evidence presented by the D.A.

And that was that. Except that the judge wants to hear from  Chris’ parole officer after they meet and scheduled the next court hearing for April 5.

TMZ says Brown and Rihanna left the courtroom arm-in-arm and one eyewitness said she smiled at the singer and tried to cheer him up as they left the building.

Apparently, it worked because – as you can see from the pic above – Brown was all teeth as they were driven out of the courthouse.

Check out Chris and his attorney, Mark Geragos in court on 02-07-13):



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