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black-couple-flirtingWhether you meet someone online, at a party or at a club – the first step in getting to know someone is to flirt. For some people, flirting is as natural as a conversation between old friends. Obviously this article isn’t for them. This is for those of us who know flirting is essential but don’t quite know the dos and don’ts.


  1. Be Confident

A confident man or woman is a big turn on so even if you don’t feel like you can take on the world, pretend that you can. When you approach your potential Flirtee confidently, they automatically put you a class above all the other nervous Flirters coming their way. But remember, I’m say confident, not cocky, arrogant and over-confident!

  1. Be Genuine

Everyone appreciates a genuine approach. Sure you’re trying to flirt to impress but Liars, Wannabes and Pretenders just don’t cut it. Be who you are and concentrate on showing the person you are in the best light possible.

  1. Give Compliments

An ego boost is the best way to flatter your Flirtee. Throw in some genuine compliments as bait and reel them in slowly with great conversation and by making use of the other flirting tips.

  1. Humorous Advances

If you’ve got a good sense of humor, flirting could possibly become a little easier for you. Laughing always takes the tension and the nervousness out of any situation so if you can make your Flirtee laugh or smile, you’re halfway there.

  1. No Pick Up Lines

More often used by the guys and as amazing as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air lines might sound in your head, they don’t really work in real life. Simply put: Avoid them!

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  1. Cut Out The Sexual Innuendo

You barely even know the person! Put the sexual innuendoes at the top of your flirting DON’T list! It’s rude and more often than not is considered a much too obvious sexual invitation.

  1. Don’t Try To Score

If you’ve got only one thing on your mind, trust me, it’ll show. Don’t worry so much about making a good impression. Concentrate on making the other person realize you’re interested in them without trying to sell yourself or you’ll just end up looking desperate.

  1. Good Body Language

Master the art of body language not only to read signals but to use them when you’re flirting as well. Some basic rules are:

  • Maintain eye contact when you talk to them. Catching their gaze and letting it linger just a little bit can be very suggestive.
  • Smile – a good, non-creepy smile is always a surefire sign of interest and if it is returned, you know you’ve got something going.
  • Mirror their actions when you’re talking to them, it shows you’re interested.
  • Touching works but be careful because some people might not like it. So do something subtle like touching their arm when making a point instead of trying to hold their hand at the very first meeting.
  • Don’t invade someone’s space. Leaning in to show you’re interested is fine but don’t stand so close that they can barely move. No one likes being overwhelmed.
  1. Flirt Right

If you’re at a party and spot your potential Flirtee, go ahead and talk to them. There’s no point practicing with other “easier” targets before you get to them. Chances are, they will already have found someone else; or will have noticed your serial flirting and use that as a valid reason for rejection.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The secret to getting better at flirting is to keep practicing! Practice with friends, ask them what signals you send out and try to read their signals. When you know what you’re doing wrong, you’re more likely to know how to get it right! READ MORE


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