Racism is something that is very much alive within our society. One of the most noticeable examples of this is within the athletic community. The term ‘white men can’t jump’ serves as an explanation as to why African-Americans are so ‘good’ at basketball. One of the most affected areas is soccer. FIFA recently hired an anti-racism chief who came out saying that he believes the sport has failed to support abused players and they are in need of tougher sanctions.

This behavior is not limited to the professional level. Take for example Pittsburgh High School sin a 2012 basketball game. During halftime of the Brentwood High and Monessen High game, three members of the crowd dressed in bananna suits stormed the floor. They surrounded the Monessen players and allegedly began making monkey noises and hurling racial insults at the players. “Disturbingly, other Monessen parents claim that the Brentwood players hurled similar racist epithets themselves, calling the Greyhounds ‘monkeys and cotton pickers.'”

How could we even forget the time spent on evaluating Gabby Douglas’ ‘nappy’ hair. Incidents such as these are not rare. Given the recent case of Rodger Lewis, does race play a factor in how athletes are not only treated in the justice system, but also in the everyday system. Do African American’s face hardships on the field as well as in the justice system based on their race? Let us know what you think!

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