A sculpture designed to honor the memory of Breonna Taylor in Oakland, California has been vandalized. Taylor is the woman wrongfully murdered by police earlier this year in Louisville, Kentucky. The sculpture of Taylor was just recently installed in Oakland two weeks ago. Police are on the search for those responsible for destroying the art. […]

Battle Rap Corner

Talk about Ruin Your Day, Avocado LITERALLY did that in record time!   So much can change in 48 hours when it comes to battle rap. Just ask battle rap videographer Avocado. Just this week battle rap was in an uproar when it was made official that Avo would NOT be filming any more live […]


Nationwide is taking a stand and making sure to join in on efforts to fight racism and social injustice. The company is making a $1 million, multi-year investment to support local and national programs dedicated to foster social justice, combat racism and promote economic empowerment. CEO, Kirt Walker said, “At Nationwide, we believe that racism […]


The murder of George Floyd has created a major shift our nation. Protests across the country have lawmakers and business owners alike ensuring they are fully invested in making diversity and inclusion a big priority. Sneaker giant, Nike has announced that Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, will now […]

The 614

Data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows that the city of Columbus had the most hate crimes reported in the state in 2018, with race-based crimes being the most-frequently reported. FBI statistics show Columbus has the highest number of reported hate crimes in the state and most of them involve racial bias. The […]


Historically Black colleges and universities have a long history of being highly revered, filled with passion, love and relatability. For many students of color, HBCU’s are a comfortable escape from the biases and racial inferiority that may infest predominantly white institutions. Enrollment into HBCU’s has been on the decline in the last decade, as well […]


Judge David J. Hale made the decision to reject President Donald Trump’s defense against a lawsuit that claims he provoked violence against protesters at one of his rallies.

It's off-season in the NFL, and Colin Kaepernick still hasn't been signed.


Barry Brown filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for an alleged racially biased psychological screening.

Jordan Peele came through to the morning show studio to talk about his new horror film, "Get Out."


Jordan Peele created a masterpiece in his directorial debut film, Get Out. The movie is a fresh take on modern racism. A beautiful white woman, Rose, brings home her black boyfriend, Chris, to find out the visit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The movie stars Allison Williams from Girls and Black Mirror’s Daniel […]

Jeff Johnson breaks down the system of racism in the United States.