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Talk about Ruin Your Day, Avocado LITERALLY did that in record time!


So much can change in 48 hours when it comes to battle rap. Just ask battle rap videographer Avocado.

Just this week battle rap was in an uproar when it was made official that Avo would NOT be filming any more live events with URL due to Caffeine not bringing him on board. All this week the culture has been on Caffeine’s neck! Heck, our podcast, other battle rap podcasts, and both URL’s live streams have had fans spam the chatline with avocado emojis in support of Avo.

However, all that changed when the infamous DNA Tooth dropped a bombshell on the culture. A video containing a clip of Avocado, former battle rapper 24/7, and others talking racist stereotypes about black men. In the clip, you can hear 24/7 say how Smack rappers are “bad fathers,” and don’t have time for their kids because they too busy “writing Disney bars.” In the clip Avocado is seen laughing, repeating the racist comments, and egging it on.

LTBR Podcast talks about Avocado’s apology to the culture, what should happen next, and have DNA stop by to share his thoughts.