Talk about Ruin Your Day, Avocado LITERALLY did that in record time!   So much can change in 48 hours when it comes to battle rap. Just ask battle rap videographer Avocado. Just this week battle rap was in an uproar when it was made official that Avo would NOT be filming any more live […]

Kid Chaos crashed the show to let the culture know he is not playing with JC! France read one quote and set it off with Kid Chaos on today’s LTBR Daily show on caffeine tv. A slight misunderstanding of his recent words on JC made him pull up on us. Once things were squared he […]

Ultimate Madness 2 second round was nothing short but exciting and surprising. We see one of the underdogs Holmzie beat another fan-favorite Emmerson Kennedy to advance to the Final 4. Along with Mike P, another once fan favorite, lose under pressure against Bill Collector. Bill actually crashed our show to talk about how he got […]

Is Lloyd Banks crazy or can he hang with John John on the big stage? Another industry rapper is calling out one of the vets in battle rap. Lloyd Banks called out John John Da Don out of the blue to battle. While DNA and K Shine was on Instagram Live, Banks decided to use […]

The battler said it’s between “past or modern-day” achievements when it comes to the two west coast legends. Let’s face it, we will never see another reign like we are seeing now with Geechi Gotti. We all love him because he always shows up, no matter what battle rap league he is competing on, is […]

Just when fans said he should battle Ave, Fonz comes with his own pick. Can’t say it enough, congratulations to Fonz for winning the first Ultimate Madness tournament and bring home the $25k! Now that this tournament is over, Fonz was asked who he would want to battle for URL’s next big card “Rookies vs […]

Is Tsu Surf even ready for JJDD? That’s what many battle rap fans are saying after watching a poor performance from Tsu Surf at Nome X against Loaded Lux. Surf choked 2 out of 3 rounds in a lackluster battle. Surf is one of the most outspoken battlers today. Though it is entertaining to see […]

The battle rap wishes Boom the best BUT seems to have ended their business relationship with the battler. Despite the weekend shenanigans from Ultimate Rap League‘s “Ultimate Madness” event, many missed the big news coming out of Rare Breed Entertainment. Co-founder ARP went on a live stream on Youtube to update the fans on a […]

Avo gave us another needed classic, this time for the movement. I smiled, I laughed, I cried and had a constant Jaz face from start to finish. This battle was one of the most beautiful to watch and listen to. Both B Dot and Sistar Outspoken beautifully wrote about black love, power, strength but also […]

Battle rap is also in the fight against police brutality and white supremacy. So many times we get caught up with the drama and gossip in battle rap. However, when I see battle rappers putting their money where their mouth is and/or hitting the streets and fighting for justice I have to acknowledge it. Big […]

Gotti makes history by winning for the second time. We all knew it was going to come down between Geechi Gotti and Ill Will. Both had a crazy run in 2019, both battled on multiple leagues, both had big battles, big moments. However, Geechi received more votes by the panel giving him his second Champion […]

Surf is not in the mood anymore for Hoffa to breakdown his battle rap career anymore. Now to be fair, this all started after fans ask Math Hoffa to talk about Tsu Surf‘s battle rap record on his podcast. So he did, and he told fans he also feels like many others do that Surf […]