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The battle rap wishes Boom the best BUT seems to have ended their business relationship with the battler.

Despite the weekend shenanigans from Ultimate Rap League‘s “Ultimate Madness” event, many missed the big news coming out of Rare Breed Entertainment.

Co-founder ARP went on a live stream on Youtube to update the fans on a few topics many of us want to know. Where does Ahdi Boom stand with the league? Since Math Hoffa popped in 40 Cal‘s “Social Distance” battle with arch-enemy Dizaster, are they looking to set a rematch up?

First Boom has been in battle rap purgatory since his battle with Bigg K on RBE. K exposed court documents that revealed that Boom may have snitched on his friend and codefendant in a robbery case. Boom has made multiple tries to convince the culture this is not true but has not succeeded.

Now with all the “Social Distance” battles dropping more people are speculating where is Boom? ARP addresses those questions and more.

Check out what ARP has to say about Ahdi Boom and why you won’t see him on a RBE stage. Also if we will ever see Math Hoffa and Dizaster settle the score once and for all.


Source: Rare Breed Entertainment