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The battler said it’s between “past or modern-day” achievements when it comes to the two west coast legends. Let’s face it, we will never see another reign like we are seeing now with Geechi Gotti. We all love him because he always shows up, no matter what battle rap league he is competing on, is […]

Battle Rap Corner

The battle rap wishes Boom the best BUT seems to have ended their business relationship with the battler. Despite the weekend shenanigans from Ultimate Rap League‘s “Ultimate Madness” event, many missed the big news coming out of Rare Breed Entertainment. Co-founder ARP went on a live stream on Youtube to update the fans on a […]

Battle Rap Corner

Hip hop versus battle rap, who’s winning? I know the ultimate goal for Nick Cannon was to finally settle this decade beef with Eminem on his MTV show Wildin’ Out. However, it has turned the conversation to the battle rap community going at the industry rapper’s neck. What set it off was when rapper Joyner […]


  Despite all the confusion and technical difficulties surrounding the pay-per-view battle, Cassidy and Dizaster decided to give it another go. No stage. No bright lights.…

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Only a day after Cassidy and Dizaster were forced to postpone their battle thanks to venue restrictions, the two rappers faced off with rhymes in…