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The battler said it’s between “past or modern-day” achievements when it comes to the two west coast legends.

Let’s face it, we will never see another reign like we are seeing now with Geechi Gotti. We all love him because he always shows up, no matter what battle rap league he is competing on, is the most consistent and has held his own being put in front of legends like Tsu Surf, Aye Verb, and others.

We all know the 2-time Champion of the Year is great but is the king? That is the question Let’s Talk Battle Rap Podcast asked Saynt LA, who also battled Geechi on King of the Dot (KOTD). Is he the king of the coast?

Saynt gives his opinion and also tells us why the west coast is running battle rap today. Follow my YouTube channel for more clips from past episodes of “Battle Rap Brunch.”