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Battle rap is also in the fight against police brutality and white supremacy.

So many times we get caught up with the drama and gossip in battle rap. However, when I see battle rappers putting their money where their mouth is and/or hitting the streets and fighting for justice I have to acknowledge it.

Big salute to Tsu Surf, Jaz The Rapper, Ooops (Bruce Franks Jr), and other battlers that have been engaged during the George Floyd protests.

Surf took the time to lead a peaceful protest in New Jersey. Before hitting the streets he gave a speech to a crowd of supporters.


Jaz The Rapper made her presence felt in New York with a sign reading, “I am Sandra Blan, I am Breonna Taylor Moore, Shelley Frey, Black Lives Matter.”


Ooops has been on the road to multiple cities like Minneapolis and hometown of St. Louis to help organize and mobilize protests in those cities.

Salute to those battlers and all who are using their platforms to spread the word, support the protest, and get fans to stay engaged with what’s going on.