tsu surf

Is Tsu Surf even ready for JJDD? That’s what many battle rap fans are saying after watching a poor performance from Tsu Surf at Nome X against Loaded Lux. Surf choked 2 out of 3 rounds in a lackluster battle. Surf is one of the most outspoken battlers today. Though it is entertaining to see […]

Battle rap is also in the fight against police brutality and white supremacy. So many times we get caught up with the drama and gossip in battle rap. However, when I see battle rappers putting their money where their mouth is and/or hitting the streets and fighting for justice I have to acknowledge it. Big […]

Surf is not in the mood anymore for Hoffa to breakdown his battle rap career anymore. Now to be fair, this all started after fans ask Math Hoffa to talk about Tsu Surf‘s battle rap record on his podcast. So he did, and he told fans he also feels like many others do that Surf […]

Get your brackets ready!   Fans, bloggers, battlers and even you been debating who is going to win the Ultimate Rap League‘s (URL) “Ultimate Madness” tournament. We all are about to see which two battlers out of the 16 in the tournament will not just open up for NOME 10 but win $25,000! https://www.instagram.com/p/CAJkkdngD1H/   […]

Surf and Shine debate each other and fans when it comes to Loaded Lux. Tsu Surf is definitely about to have one of his biggest battles in his battle rap career. He is set to battle Loaded Lux hopefully sometime this year (if the damn coronavirus leave us alone soon). Surf had time Saturday to […]

Well damn, where was my invite?!? Just joking, kinda not, but really many fans been glued to Twitter all week as news broke out that Smack was being sneaky. It first started with URL, and battlers like JC and Rum Nitty posting that they were flying to New York for a battle that was not […]

Don’t seem like many fans are excited about this battle. URL made a seventh announce for the Volume 5 card and this one got a buzz but not in a good way. Tsu Surf will battle Reed Dollaz on this card that overall has been getting great feedback from fans. However, this particular matchup not […]

Surf got the gangstas and hood reading, I’m not mad at that. Big congrats to battle rapper Tsu Surf as he is seeing much success from the first book he wrote. It is currently No. 3 on the Best Seller’s List on Amazon!!!   The book “House In Virginia” is written by the New Jersey […]

Wait, he still thinks he won against Goodz? Yes, yes, yes, Cassidy will not admit that he lost his battle against Goodz at URL’s Resolution card. Though he has just been booked for The Lockdown card in his hometown of Philadelphia on Oct. 6, he is still spazzing out on Goodz. He also names drops […]

Is Surf ducking smoke from John John though? That’s one of the main questions being asked among the culture after Summer Impact. Of course, we didn’t get to see Tsu Surf on the stage for Gun Titles vs Loaded Hollows.¬†However, the vet is already calling out battlers who he wants all the smoke with.   […]

How we feel about this update? I was hoping, wishing and praying that Tsu Surf would be out of jail in time for Summer Impact. However, the culture’s worst fear has happened (well kinda again) Surf will not be making the stage. As you know Surf was arrested earlier this week and has not been […]

Guess who Chris Breezy is saying will win? That is the debate all of battle rap is having leading until April 27th. Cassidy will go head-to-head with Goodz and Tsu Surf had a friendly debate with Chris Brown. Who would have thought Chris Brown was a battle rap fan? Well, see for yourself and yeah […]