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Surf and Shine debate each other and fans when it comes to Loaded Lux.

Tsu Surf is definitely about to have one of his biggest battles in his battle rap career. He is set to battle Loaded Lux hopefully sometime this year (if the damn coronavirus leave us alone soon).

Surf had time Saturday to chop it up with K Shine on Instagram Live to debate how dangerous is Lux when it comes to their class. There was a point when Shine was surprised to hear that Surf say “Lux is not even top 15 when it comes to entertainment.”

Many fans started challenging Surf on his opinion but other battlers like John John Da Don commented on the live saying that “Lux is crazy but we all are crazy.”

It’s safe to say by watching this live that Surf is not worried about beating Lux clearly in a small room. What do you think? Watch the full video below.


Source: CeCeOnAir