Get your brackets ready!   Fans, bloggers, battlers and even you been debating who is going to win the Ultimate Rap League‘s (URL) “Ultimate Madness” tournament. We all are about to see which two battlers out of the 16 in the tournament will not just open up for NOME 10 but win $25,000!   […]

Surf and Shine debate each other and fans when it comes to Loaded Lux. Tsu Surf is definitely about to have one of his biggest battles in his battle rap career. He is set to battle Loaded Lux hopefully sometime this year (if the damn coronavirus leave us alone soon). Surf had time Saturday to […]

And it’s for the culture for the FREE!   Yay boy! I didn’t misspeak, Smack is going to make sure you get to see MurdaLand (Calicoe and Murda Mook) versus Dark Lyfe (T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen) without having to spend a dime. Plus they have added NWX (K-Shine and DNA) versus The Monstars (Nu Jerzey […]

“Once Verb touches a battle rapper I make them greater,” – Verb   Love him, hate him, you will respect him. Aye Verb probably has the best resume in battle rap currently. He has seen and arguably beaten your favorite and God tier battlers. His two recent battles were against Murda Mook and Loaded […]

Is Surf ducking smoke from John John though? That’s one of the main questions being asked among the culture after Summer Impact. Of course, we didn’t get to see Tsu Surf on the stage for Gun Titles vs Loaded Hollows.¬†However, the vet is already calling out battlers who he wants all the smoke with.   […]