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Is Surf ducking smoke from John John though?

That’s one of the main questions being asked among the culture after Summer Impact. Of course, we didn’t get to see Tsu Surf on the stage for Gun Titles vs Loaded Hollows. However, the vet is already calling out battlers who he wants all the smoke with.


It didn’t take long for fans to cypher that he is calling out Loaded Lux, Cassidy, The Monstars (NuJerzey Twork And Shotgun Suge), Murda Mook and JC. Fans debated on what his record would be after getting all these matchups.

One person name is missing on this list. One man that has been asking Surf for all the smoke. John John Da Don.


Why though? Is Surf ducking John John? Is John John chasing Surf? Jay Blac asked JJDD this question and he gives his opinion as to why Surf is avoiding a battle with him.


I asked fans do they think Surf is ducking or JJDD just chasing a battle with Surf?

Do you think Surf is ducking John John? How you feel about Surfs chances against Mook, JC, Lux, The Monstars and Cassidy? Let us know below!

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