Murda Mook

The battler address the culture’s views on his recent move to join Dot Mob and more. Three Letterman jumped out the gate and addressed E Ness move to Dot Mob. Much of battle rap called it a “clout chasing” and “weird” move on his part. However, the former Making The Band member addressed the criticism […]

And it’s for the culture for the FREE!   Yay boy! I didn’t misspeak, Smack is going to make sure you get to see MurdaLand (Calicoe and Murda Mook) versus Dark Lyfe (T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen) without having to spend a dime. Plus they have added NWX (K-Shine and DNA) versus The Monstars (Nu Jerzey […]

“Once Verb touches a battle rapper I make them greater,” – Verb   Love him, hate him, you will respect him. Aye Verb probably has the best resume in battle rap currently. He has seen and arguably beaten your favorite and God tier battlers. His two recent battles were against Murda Mook and Loaded […]

Is Surf ducking smoke from John John though? That’s one of the main questions being asked among the culture after Summer Impact. Of course, we didn’t get to see Tsu Surf on the stage for Gun Titles vs Loaded Hollows. However, the vet is already calling out battlers who he wants all the smoke with.   […]

The battle of “who choose who?”   The second faceoff dropped leading up to Ultimate Rap League‘s (URL) Summer Impact. Murdaland’s Calicoe and Murda Mook and Dark Lyfe’s T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen were talking mad spicy to each other. This faceoff was NOT buddy buddy like we saw between Charlie Clipz, Goodz versus Hitman Holla […]

“URL is the Def Jam of battle rap,” – Beasley As stated the Ultimate Rap League is the innovator when it comes to battle rap. They were able to take the art form from the street corners, barbershops to sell out venues housing thousands of fans. The league that brought out mainstream artists like Diddy, […]

  Bitter rivals turned friends, Cassidy and Murda Mook join forces on the Dolla Bill Kidz produced, “Boyz In The Hood”.   Take a listen…

  Ever since the rumor of a battle between Drake and Murda Mook hit the news wire, fans have been on edge with anticipation of…

  You didn’t think Drake‘s “6 God” would go without its fair share of responses, did you?   After Murda Mook called out the YMCMB rapper…