Just when fans said he should battle Ave, Fonz comes with his own pick. Can’t say it enough, congratulations to Fonz for winning the first Ultimate Madness tournament and bring home the $25k! Now that this tournament is over, Fonz was asked who he would want to battle for URL’s next big card “Rookies vs […]

Surf and Shine debate each other and fans when it comes to Loaded Lux. Tsu Surf is definitely about to have one of his biggest battles in his battle rap career. He is set to battle Loaded Lux hopefully sometime this year (if the damn coronavirus leave us alone soon). Surf had time Saturday to […]

The two big names in battle rap plan to put on a show for fans on IG live. Another big battle will be going down on Instagram Live. This time it’s NWX members K-Shine versus new member Nu Jerzey Twork.   The two battlers made the announcement on Twitter. Even though the battle is on […]

Well damn, where was my invite?!? Just joking, kinda not, but really many fans been glued to Twitter all week as news broke out that Smack was being sneaky. It first started with URL, and battlers like JC and Rum Nitty posting that they were flying to New York for a battle that was not […]

And it’s for the culture for the FREE!   Yay boy! I didn’t misspeak, Smack is going to make sure you get to see MurdaLand (Calicoe and Murda Mook) versus Dark Lyfe (T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen) without having to spend a dime. Plus they have added NWX (K-Shine and DNA) versus The Monstars (Nu Jerzey […]