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Surf got the gangstas and hood reading, I’m not mad at that.

Big congrats to battle rapper Tsu Surf as he is seeing much success from the first book he wrote. It is currently No. 3 on the Best Seller’s List on Amazon!!!


The book “House In Virginia” is written by the New Jersey rapper and Jessica N. Watkins. It’s about a couple, Karen Dunlap and JovanJoSaint, from the hood. Karen is loyal and stands by Jo who is a hustler trying to come up in the street game. Karen wants a better life and is swept away by a boss name Kway.

The book goes on a journey of Karen realizes that “all that glitters isn’t gold,” and Jo journey through “mayhem, murder, and infidelities that lead to heartbreaking disaster, the loss of lives, and the introduction of new love.”

Many readers already give positive critique to the book.


You can purchase “House In Virginia” paperback on Amazon.