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Don’t seem like many fans are excited about this battle.

URL made a seventh announce for the Volume 5 card and this one got a buzz but not in a good way.

Tsu Surf will battle Reed Dollaz on this card that overall has been getting great feedback from fans. However, this particular matchup not so much.


Here are my thoughts, WHO ASKED FOR THIS?!?!?!?! Really, no disrespect to Reed but he couldn’t handle a battle with K Shine in his city, Philly, for the Lockdown card (yes he had a few bars). What makes you think he gonna be able to put up a decent fight against Surf? In a small room at that when Surf can go crazy with limited crowd reaction (which you know he can’t stand too much reaction from the crowd).

And not so fast Surf, this looks like an easy out for you Sir. You mean to tell me John John, JC, or even Cortez. Make it make sense, please!


However, we can’t put it all on Surf and Reed cause at the end of the day URL makes the final call. Echoing with what many fans have said, fans want battles with storylines and history more than ever. This battle just not doing it for us.

To play devil’s advocate, many fans weren’t excited to see Iron Solomon versus Rum Nitty and that turned out to be a classic battle. The culture has been wrong before calling a battle a dud and it ended up being great. I hope I’m wrong but I just feel like I’m right about this one.

How do you feel about Tsu Surf versus Reed Dollaz? Let us know below.