Another week of drama and anticipated battles following the first round of Ultimate Madness 2. Where do we begin? The top story on Tuesday still is the fallout between Mike P and Ryda after they battled on URL‘s “Ultimate Madness 2” tournament. The two battlers have been going back-and-forth on Twitter since Mike advanced to […]

Just when fans said he should battle Ave, Fonz comes with his own pick. Can’t say it enough, congratulations to Fonz for winning the first Ultimate Madness tournament and bring home the $25k! Now that this tournament is over, Fonz was asked who he would want to battle for URL’s next big card “Rookies vs […]

Get your brackets ready!   Fans, bloggers, battlers and even you been debating who is going to win the Ultimate Rap League‘s (URL) “Ultimate Madness” tournament. We all are about to see which two battlers out of the 16 in the tournament will not just open up for NOME 10 but win $25,000! https://www.instagram.com/p/CAJkkdngD1H/   […]

The man has been finding the league’s biggest names has been let go of his duties. I can’t say I am surprised to see this as the outcome after what happened between Norbes and Nu Jerzey Twork. Before the “Genesis” card, Twork was seen beating up Norbes after he found out the former league recruiter […]

The world pandemic is affecting the battle rap world. It was only a matter before battle rap leagues would have to make a decision on what to do with their upcoming events. King of the Dot (KOTD) was the first to cancel an event with their “Blackout Los Angeles.” Due to the LA Mayor Garcetti […]

The rumor as to why Twork would want to beat up Norbes are true. You really can’t trust nobody man I swear. Many battle rap fans were surprised to wake up on Saturday, just hours before the Genesis event started to see Nu Jerzey Twork beating up Norbes. Many were confused when you can hear […]

Columbus’ own is taking on a Cave Gang heavy hitter. Who said that Columbus don’t have no bars? Well, J Slash is going to prove the haters and battler rapper Bad Newz he got bars for days! The two battled each other on Shotz Fired’s Public Enemies card on Dec. 7 and it was a […]

Well damn, where was my invite?!? Just joking, kinda not, but really many fans been glued to Twitter all week as news broke out that Smack was being sneaky. It first started with URL, and battlers like JC and Rum Nitty posting that they were flying to New York for a battle that was not […]

Don’t seem like many fans are excited about this battle. URL made a seventh announce for the Volume 5 card and this one got a buzz but not in a good way. Tsu Surf will battle Reed Dollaz on this card that overall has been getting great feedback from fans. However, this particular matchup not […]

URL plans to end 2019 with a bang. December is setting up to be LIT!!!! URL has dominated 2019 with battles like “Resolution,” “Summer Impact,” and now they look to end the year with both “Volume 5” and “Traffic Charity.”   First, Danny Myers is finally getting fed a goat, this time it’s Hollow Da […]

This battle is overdue but the culture will finally see these two in a small room! DNA headed to Jay Blac and Anwar on Champion to discuss his feelings heading towards his next battle with Aye Verb. The two are set to hit the small room for URL‘s Volume 5 card in Dec.   Many […]

Battle rap will be taking over the hottest hip hop award show! Smack and the URL announced Tuesday that BET will be hosting two battles during their Hip Hop Awards show. DNA will battle Geechi Gotti and T-Top versus Shotgun Suge. Reports say that they will be one round battles. It will be going down […]